Saturday, 12 February 2011

Live your Dreams

So I went to Primark today...
I was meeting Mum for some lunch and had a dress to take back
I picked up a few more of the £5 dresses and some more expensive dresses too
I'm trying to feminise my wardrobe a bit more as I've been stuck in a rut of jeans recently....

Black and White Polka Dot: £5
Black and White Horse Print: £5
Paisley: £9
Floral: £5
Hibiscus Print: £9 

My Mum wasn't sure about the polka dot dress, she said dots weren't good for larger figures but I think it's quite flattering on. The horse print one I had tog et a size bigger as they only had 6's and 8's or size 18's and 20's... Might have to belt in. I like them all as I can wear them now with cardis and leggings/tights and then get my legs out in the summer. Their not too short, I hate being paranoid about flashing my butt! 

The new healthy eating thing is going well, Gavin went to the pub last night and wanted a Macdonalds when he got in, I'd already had a salad and managed to not pick at his food at all. Just been indulging in fresh fruit and yoghurt and feel so good for it. Can't wait to see the results!



  1. I think the polka dot dress looks great :)

  2. The Polka Dot Dress looks great on you, doesn't make you look big at all.

    Sadie x