Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Current Lustings....

In an effort to cheer up oneself I have been internet window shopping...

 I always seem to find myself on the Topshop website drooling over everything I can't afford
I'm having a serious dress moment and am fighting the urge to go out and buy more, more, more, but the first two floral dresses here are stunnning. Need in my wardrobe ASAP..won't happen though *insert obligatory sadface here*
New Look has had some lovely clothes in recently. The first dress I've seen in there a few times and always deliberate buying it, I can just imagine wearing it on a gorgeous summer's day maybe on a picnic or at the beach...could say I'm an idealist! I basically need to purchase everything here if I'm being 100% honest....sheer blouses are taking over my wardrobe, I need soemthing to wear with them other than skinny jeans, these trousers are sooo nice! I don't really 'do' trousers only jeans or dresses, think I may have to track these down and try them on, ditto for the shorts. And the shoes are self explanatory, I need tog et my feet out of boots and into these floral brogue beauties, nom!
I've been craving a new fragrance for a while
Was originally looking at the nectarine and honey scent but someone suggested this and after smelling the shower gel I NEED this!
Had to stop myself buying online, in March I'm going to London for tea at the Berkeley Hotel with the bestest and think I shall make Selrfridges a stopping point to indulge in this
The worker/hobo/whatever style boot trend didn't really interest me
But recently I've been feeling the need for some boots like these
They're perfect, and have a shearling lining so are super warm
Only problem is their from All Saints and cost a whopping £185
Only in my dreams right now
If anyone sees these drop into the sale please let me know!!

Off to resist chocolate soem more and eat raisins

Take Care


  1. I love all the colours in the first batch of clothes!

  2. I love everything you've picked. I would have chosen exactly the same things!