Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Looking forward

I always find myself looking at clothes and thinking I can't wear them becuase of my shape
But now I'm looking at fashion differently and looking at trends I want to explore more and push my comfort levels
I tend to stick with dresses and cardigans, I'm sure that won't change a great deal but the shape and style of said items will change.
One of my close friends works in Ted Baker in the airport and has been showing my all sorts of gorgeous dresses
He's taking me down to covent garden nearer graduation to help me choose one
So excited! All the more reason to get down to the size 12
We reckon a size 10 would be good for me but I'm now not too sure
Guess we'll see when I (finally) manage to get there

Just a few bits from Topshop I'm lusting after
I avoid clingy dresses at the moment (obviously) but this cream dress is so nice
And trousers I tend to avoid a lot, I have a couple of pairs of jeans I rely on. I used to have a wardrobe with at least 20 pairs in! I've never had a pair of topshop jeans and it may sound silly but I can't wait to be able to own some
I also love the tailored trousers trend but it tends to emphasise my thighs so these belted 'chinos' will be one of my first skinny purchases (lol!!)
I'm rather excited :D

I adore a lot of stuff on the Ted Baker site 
These three dresses are in the shortlist for graduation
I think my uni colours are red, blue and yellow so this red dress or the blak one would probably be best
But the print of the middle dress is stunning, dragonflys....just lovely!
When I'm loaded from a successful in career in the media it may be plausible to obtain all three but not right now...plus they'll have to wait in the queue behind the mulberry bag  

Despicable Me came out on DVD yesterday
Since working at the cinema this became one of my firm favourite films
The little yellow minions are amazing I want one so bad!!!
And apparently I share many characteristics with them
If you've seen the film they do pretty much sum me up, except I'm not jaundiced
Off to Tesco when work's over (only another hour and half) to purchase this and some form of fruity treat, surprisingly not missing chocolate!
Excited, but have to wait till after the gym to watch it, hmph

I'm on a self imposed clothes shopping ban, there's no point, so I'm eagerly waiting for the 3rd March for the MAC Wonderwoman collection. I know it's out in Selfridges at the moment but I'm well and truly poor so waiting for the scholarship to come in and save some of it for then. I'm eying up an MSF and possibly a lipglass.... I would love it all but I'm rapidly running out of room in my make up drawers.

Love Belle


  1. Cute items, I like the bright blue top, I've seen it in store but not sure if it would suit me!

  2. Lots of lovely pieces - I own the first dress and did an outfit post a while back if you wanted to see the fit. I think it's quite flattering actually,

    Rosie x

  3. Might have to try it on, I feel a treat may be in order :) Shame the boy doesn't see it the same way! xx