Saturday, 26 February 2011

Look of the night and a sneaky little purchase

Another week full of ups and downs
I had a big old cry the other day and got a lot of my system so feel in general 10 times better
I've learnt that my friends are even more indispensable than I originally thought and really appreciate everything they've done for me recently
Been bad with the gym this week, hurt my back on Wednesday and only went back today
Didn't want to do any further damage :)
Only lost 1lb this week but it's better than  nothing and after last weeks big loss I wasn't expecting a miracle
After all that's still half a stone in two weeks
I've got a mini superdrug lots of goodies to post at some point but I'm off to the Excel make-up show tomorrow and will probably have a few more beauty bits to post so I'll just put them all together 
Friday night I went out with some friends
It all started ok, ended with some drama
Typical it was a girl who turned up later in the evening who caused said drama and ruined the night, this is why I'm not friends with many girls anymore
Hopefully next time will be better
I did however learn I'm not that bad at pool
Last week they got me bowling, this week pool...what next!?

 These little beauties are my new favourite boots
I've been thinking about getting some worker/hobo/whatever boots for a while
But every pair I've tried on make my legs look funnny
I bought a pair which looked alright in the shop and when I wore them out at home felt they looked a bit I can't take them back though :/
When I popped into Tesco for Despicable Me on Tuesday Mum and I had a wonder around the clothes
I fell in love with another pair of boots but they only had size 5's and weren't getting anymore in as they were old stock, sad times!
I saw these and thought they would look terrible on, cut my legs off in a bad place
But on trying them on I was pleasantly surprised as to how flattering they were
They go with everything, so happy with my little tesco booties
And they only cost (my Mum) £18 :D 

This outfit is from Friday night
I felt over-dressed but also felt really good in what I was wearing
And got some compliments, considering I was mainly out with guys I was shocked!
 I kept my face quite natural and used Nars Orgasm blush
 I attempted a smokey eye
Using a few shadows from my AIW Urban Decay pallette and two new MUA shadows
Finished off with loreal superline and Dior Black out mascara
Just a slick of coral gloss on my lips as my eyes were quite dramatic
I wore contact lenses as well so my eyes really stood out for a change
 Playsuit: Primark
Blazer: New Look
Black chain bag (Barely seen): Vintage
Tights: Primark
Watch: Fossil
Fang ring: Topshop
Just another photo of my outfit
I wore black heels so my legs looked super long (being 5ft 11 probably helped too!)

Now I guess I should tackle my pile of uni reading
No more lectures now though 


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