Thursday, 1 August 2013

MAC Paint Pots in 'Indianwood' & 'Let Me Pop'

mac paint pots

piant pot bottoms

paint pots

mac swatches

 Paint Pots in Indianwood and Let Me Pop
£14.50 each

I bought these from Macy's in New York, couldn't go to America and not buy any MAC
I didn't purchase as much as I thought I would, mainly because the stand in Macy's didn't sell the eyeshadow pans only the ones in the pots and having a palette I didn't want to waste the extra money on the packaging
I bought Rubenesque a couple of years ago and use it on a regular basis, at least once a week, and just love the formula of the shadow
They last so long on my lids and are so easy to just pop on with some eyeliner and that's pretty much it
I was initially drawn to Indianwood, a gorgeous rich brown tone described by MAC as a metallic antique bronze
This looks gorgeous built up with some brown liquid liner and has become my go to look for work on a day to day basis
Let Me Pop is a light peachy toned gold which to me is slightly lighter than my favourite Rubenesque and when the mua said it was limited edition I knew I wanted it, but it seems to be available on the UK website...sucker right here!
The website describes the colour as a frosted light copper
This one doesn't last quite as long on my lids without a primer compared to Indianwood but it is more subtle for the days I need something but don't want it too in your face
These were only a few pounds cheaper bought in the states but still every little helps (tescos ftw) and I'm glad they're in my collection


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