Friday, 26 July 2013

Michael Kors Spending Spree

mk handbag

inside handbag




mk watch

watch sideways

So I have a new in my life...Mr Michael Kors
All he designs are so classic and timeless, granted there are a few things I'm not sure on but in the majority it's all so nice

When I was in the states I knew I wanted to finally add a Kors to my handbag collection and considering it's so much cheaper over there than here it was the right time
With the purse and the bag together I saved over £100
Originally I was thinking of buying a Mulberry purse in the airport but the £187 put me off, I know it's something that would last me for years but I just couldn't bring myself to spend so much on a purse and figured seeing as I was buying a Michael Kors bag I could have a looksy at their purses too
Then I fell in love the above purse in the gorgeous mandarin shade
Normally I'd go for something more classic but something drew me towards the bright orange colour completely out of my comfort zone
It's perfect and I love it
The Hamilton bag in tan was on my shopping list before I went and I was so glad to find it
The Michael Kors concession stand was ridiculously busy when we were in Macy's
So overwhelming but I stood my ground, there was no way I was leaving without this baby
I think it was the Memorial Day sales that had bought everyone out but as far as I could see there was no reduction on the usual lines only on the clearance stuff
And then on the cruise there was a watch sale...with Michael Kors watches uh oh!
I knew I wanted a gold watch but I also love the tortoiseshell watches too so I ended up choosing one with both incorporated
It's big, gold and in your face
I love it!
I also saved £100 just on the watch to UK prices, so happy


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