Monday, 8 July 2013

Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara



clinique mascara

Bottom Lash Mascara

This little baby did the rounds in the blogging world not so long ago
I wasn't sold on the idea..a completely different mascara just for your bottom lashes? 
Cannot be bothered with I passed on it
Al though I have a huge issue with my bottom lash mascara always smudging onto the skin underneath making me look like a panda by 10am, not the look I strive for no matter how cute pandas are
No matter what I tried this always happened
I had heard that this wouldn't smudge and figured I'd try it out considering in the US it worked out at only £6 so not a huge loss if it didn't work
I tried this out whilst in the humid heat of New York figuring if it worked for me I might stock up
I got my Mum to check my eyes throughout the day and it stayed in place with absolutely no smudging..perfect!
It gave the definition to my lashes I can never seem to achieve with a normal mascara wand without getting mascara all over the skin
The teeny tiny brush was tricky to use to begin with but it soon felt natural to use
I bought another tube in Sephora and now I'm kicking myself for not picking up even more it's a staple in my everyday routine now 
I would probably pay the £10 UK price tag but of course would rather only pay £6

If you have problems with your bottom lashes smudging onto your skin I would whole heartedly recommend this baby it's amazeballs!


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