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Elemis Skincare Routine

elemis skincare

marine cream


face wash
Elemis Skincare
Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial Wash £29.00 200ml
Pro-Collagen Marine Cream £79.00 50ml
Absolute Eye Serum £28.00 15ml

As I mentioned in a few previous posts whilst on the cruise ship I had a lovely facial to help my problematic skin using lots of Elemis products
This was my first experience of Elemis and I think I may be hooked...this could proove quite pricey!
So my skin problem is mainly concentrated in one area, my right cheek, however I get the odd mini breakout on my other oily areas
The therapist sat down with me and we addressed the main concerns and what needs working on, she even drew me a really simple diagram of the skin and all of it's layers
She explained how normal, cosmetic skincare only reaches the top two layers of the skin whereas products like Elemis and other 'proper' skincare reach the first layer where the bacteria linger which are what casues the problems.
During my facial she used the microdermabrasation technique and it felt so good and did a fantastic job
I definitely want to keep up these kinds of facials now I'm home and maybe even try and find some products to achieve this in my routine

I came away from the facial with three new additions to my skincare routine and have to say it was rather expensive
And since I've been home I've found all of these products and other's the therapist recommended on John Lewis (handy when the fiance's mother works for the company!) and for considerably cheaper than I paid on the ship
But I knew if I didn't get them there and then and started to used them immediately then I probably would have forgotten about the products and continued using other crap which was doing my skin no good.

In the past I have never managed to keep up with a skincare routine, getting bored after a few weeks and moving onto something new
But this has been used twice a day since I bought it and I have definitely noticed a massive difference
I'm kicking myself now though as I hated my skin before I started usiong this and don't have a before photo...however I now go without make up sometimes in public...shocker!!

The facial wash smells absolutely amazing, it has essence of truffles in and just smells so luxurious and spa like.
There are so many different ingredients at work in this and they really do work
The resurfacing outcome is mainly targeted for people seeking anti aging effects but this works beautifully for acne scarred and reddenned skin
Before this became part of my day to day routine my affected skin was so painful to touch and really red
I had almost cystic spots on a daily occurence (ouchies) which made me extremely self conscious but now they've gone
I've been using this now since the beginning of June and I've only had 1 really bad's a bloody miracle!

The Pro Collagen Marine Cream is so hydrating but also extremely light on the skin
I apply this just before my make up in the morning and once applied by the time I've got my make up together and sat down to pop it on it's all sunk in
Again this is another anti aging product (think the therapist was trying to say something!?) but it's really helped my dry bits and feels lovely on the skin
I guess prevention is better than cure when it comes to aging...

The therapist pointed out I have dark circles under my eyes, I had never noticed these before but ho hum
She used the Eye Serum on me and it felt really nice so I though why not!
I've been using this daily as well and have to see it seems like the skin under my eyes has brightened and feels softer and plumper
Guess I did need it then

She also recommended Bliss Peeling Groovy Serum which I'm tempted to try but it's a bit pricey
Have any of you guys tried anything from the Bliss line?


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