Sunday, 18 August 2013

Victoria's Secret Haul


Victoria's Secret holds a huge place in my heart
Whenever we go to the states I stock up on the stuff
I know the store has come over here now but I'm just not willing to pay the hugely marked up prices 
The body mists are my favourite item VS stock and this time round I bought a bit of a problem I must admit!
I bought some back as presents for friends too, they're just universally liked!
My favourite scent has to be Love Spell, a sweet smell which has peach and cherry blossom in
I bought a bottle of this duty free when I went to Kenya a little while ago and fell in love with the stuff so bought another two bottles when we were in New York
I always get compliments when I wear it
We're planning another trip over to the states in March so will most definitely be stocking up more
Knowing that I can stock up means I won't be so tight on using these goodies
I would definitely recommend the body mists and from what I've tried of the body lotion these are also amazing
Especially when the same scent is used throughout...yum!

Have you got any favourites from the Victoria's Secrets line up?

Love Belle

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  1. I love "Love Spell" too, and its a bonus it came in purple :D