Monday, 26 August 2013

Life Update

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I figured it's been a while since I updated my little life here on my blog, and my face hasn't made much of an appearance either!
Since we've been back from New York, oh I wish we were there still, a lot has been going on
We have sold our little one bedroom flat, our first home together, and have purchased a four bedroom semi detached house...sounds impressive but right now it is a building site. We are currently living with my Mum again. It feels like such a step backwards but knowing that at the end of the road we will have  and amazing house is making it bearable.
The house is a massive project and is taking up most of our time at the moment
It was owned by a lady who was a hoarder, literally as bad as you see on tv, she got up and left one day about three years ago and the house has just been left to rot basically, especially with a constant water tank was not a pretty sight (nor smell)
We've filled 6 large skips of rubbish and still have a back garden full
Once we eventually get in the house I'll post some pictures but right now stress levels are high!
I've been drooling over pinterest more than usual dreaming of the perfect interiors

At the beginning of August was my 23rd birthday
Gavin and I spent the day in Rye and Hastings, somewhere I spent a lot of time as a child
It was so lovely showing him all the different places I used to visit with my grandparents
We also had a BBQ/Party with friends and family as Mum's birthday isn't long after mine
I took Mum up to London for the day to celebrate her birthday, we had Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea at the Sanderson Hotel, this was absolutely fantastic and I definitely recommend everyone to try it!
After some shopping on Carnaby and Oxford Street we headed to Covent Garden to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
I was slightly worried it would be childish and immature but it was brilliant, just the right mix of whimsical, darkness and innuendo jokes
We both loved it

We also had a wedding up in Islington for a good friend
It was such a gorgeous day so we spent the majority of it outside
Instead of the traditional wedding cake they had hundreds of mini meringues and cream with strawberries to make your own desserts...the different coloured meringues were different flavours and were seriously good

Other than these events I've just been spending a lot of time with Gavin and my Mum, and the pooches of course
We haven't started wedding planning properly yet because of the house but as soon as that is done it's full steam ahead
At least the venue is booked though

Hope everyone's doing well :)

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