Monday, 1 April 2013

Benefit 'Boo Boo Zap'

Boo Boo Zap Benefit

Boo Boo Zap

I'm kind of doing the round with these blemish preventer products
I find this to be really awkward to use
Getting the product is out is a pain
But once you get some on your skin it's absorbed quickly 
Unlike the Lush Grease Lightening which takes a while
I tend to use Boo Boo Zap in the mornings before I put my make up on, whereas I use Grease Lightening in the evenings before bed so it has a chance to sink in

I've noticed a big difference in my skin, the blemish areas are much calmer
I keep using this on the areas I'm prone to breakout to try and prevent anything happening
Again it dries out the skin a little so a good moisturiser is essential

I've now finished this spot fighter but have to say for £13.50 it didn't last very long and wasn't impressive enough to warrant the price tag.
I'd love to try the Origins blemish fighter next as I've heard such good things about it

Have you tried any blemish fighters worth giving a go?


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