Saturday, 6 April 2013

Barry M Hi Shine Gel Effect Polishes


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Barry M Hi Shine Gel Effect Nail Polishes
£3.99 each
Lychee, Pink, Blackberry, Greenberry

I'm the biggest fan of nail polishes and have always been quite the fan of Barry M 
They always seem to be straight on the ball with new nail trends and fashions
Affordable and on trend 
One of their newest releases are these Gelly polishes which are the high street's answer to salon gel nails which start from around £20 a set so £4 for a polish is pretty damn good!
There are now thirteen shades available in the collection and all the colours are hits
There aren't really any duds in the collection and I can definitely see myself purchasing a few more to fill my nail polish rack a little more
They last really well on the nails and have a super high shine too so a glossy top coat isn't necessary but does pro long the wear time even more
I've been loving Greenberry with a coat of L'Oreal Confetti over the top
They seem to be the perfect match and look amazing together, I always get compliments.
Lychee is the perfect nude for my skin tone, I've tried other nudes before but they always make my hands look really strange, either lobster or simpson like...neither are that great a look in my opinion!
The pink is a lovely barbie pink, I like to either layer with a super sparkly top coat or the confetti top coat as I find pink nails can be a little boring in all honesty
And Blackberry is a lovely dark purple which we've now chosen as our wedding colour, darker than Cadbury purple and erring on black...more aubergine/blackberry sums it up perfectly!

Any shades from the Hi Shine Gel range you love?


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