Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Colour Unlimited Eyeshadow Palette

colour unlimited

colour unlimited eyeshadows

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Colour Unlimited
Eyeshadow Palette

My Aunt works for the PR company which works for Superdrug
Who have a new exclusive make up line coming out soon (not sure on exact date or prices yet) and the above eyeshadow palette is one of the products in the line up
There are ten pans of eyeshadow in the palette each with three different colours
The size of the palette is about the same as the MUA palettes but the size of each pan is larger, around the size of a 10p coin
It's quite difficult to seperate each colour out to use individually but not impossible with a thin brush
The colour pay off is pretty impressive in the majority but some are a little wishy washy 
This would be the perfect palette to take travelling as you have colours to suit every mood, outfit, or occasion 
When this comes out I wouldn't expect it to be anymore than £10 but I'd definitely recommend picking it up as it's such a versatile item to add to your collection
Each of the seperate trios are designed to be used together to create the perfect complimenting eye look
There are smokey eye trios, neutrals, neutrals with greens thrown in, brights, pastels....everything 
They are also all a mixture of finishes with some being shimmers and others matte
Definitely a huge variety and if you only want one palette in your kit this would be perfect

Judging by the Superdrug website there will be quite an extensive collection of different products in the Colour Unlimited range
It does seem to be mainly sold in kits though but I'm not too sure as I haven't seen anything else in the flesh yet
Keep an eye out in your local store 

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