Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Beauty Lust List


Benefit BrowZings ~ I recently collared in Boots by one of the lovely Benefit ladies, I was only looking for a cheap everyday foundation to use for work but ended up walking away with a freshly made up face and a few naughty purchases, the new foundation (post to come), a tester set of the face products and an eyebrow pencil. I've only recently got into penciling in my eyebrows so haven't tried many products the MA has booked me in this Thursday for a tutorial on how to use the BrowZings so be prepared for a post on that, must prepare the bank balance too!

Estee Lauder Double Wear ~ After trying the new Benefit foundation I'm eager to try some other new ones. I've been religious to my MAC Studio sculpt for over a year so want to try a few different products, any suggestions welcomed. I've seen this reviewed on many blogs so figure it must be worth a try.

Chanel Rouge Volupte ~ Just because it's pretty, it's pink and it's Chanel...do I need anymore explanation?

MAC Pink Swoon Blusher ~ I love love love blushers and always want to expand my collection. Other than Well Dressed my collection is mainly Coral based, Pink Swoon is completely different to anything I own already. I'm coming up to six empties for my back to MAC so may give this a little swatchy swatch whilst I'm there.

Neals Yard Eye Make-up remover ~ I've recently been favouring a little pamper session every evening rather than just using a make up wipe. I've nearly run out of my Estee Lauder eye make up remover so I'd like to give this one a try next. If I'm ordering online I'd like to buy a few other bits but not sure what, guess some blog reading is in order there...

Essie Splash of Grenadine ~ My cousin is a beautician and when she painted my toes before Kenya I noticed she had this colour on her toes and I loved it! Shame I'd already chosen my pedicure colour which I also loved :P It's such a summery colour and I think I may have just enough Boots points for a little treat.

If any of you out there have tried any of these let me know what your opinions are.


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