Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Wedding Bells....

Nope not my own wedding bells, believe me you would have heard about that one!
When we came back from Kenya (post to follow) My Aunt got married.
It was such a gorgeous wedding, very intimate with only 45 guests but it was perfect for the happy couple. 
I'll post a few pictures of the day...now that I actually know how! Thank you so much Lorna from Cheap Kicks! 

Me and the boyfriend, scrub up well when we want to

A good old cup of tea...just what every bride needs

One of my favourite photos from the night
These are the hen night girlys 

My beautiful family

The wedding party

My Mum, me and the lovely, crazy American Christine 

And another of me and the boy

I originally had a dress made in China similar to my Mum's but turquoise, unfortunately I over indulged a wee bit over Christmas and in Kenya so it was a little snug so off to Next.
This little beaut was one of two dresses I bought, the other was just a plain black (which I'm wearing to my friends wedding this weekend as I'm shooting it so want to look professional) The shoes are also Next but my pearl necklace was fro China so still managed to get a bit of it in there!

Now that I've sussed photos out I really want to get back on top of blogging...


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  1. Yeh! I'm glad the photos worked! Looks like you had a fab time, love the pic of the girls posing xxx