Friday, 4 March 2011

Two O.P.I Nail Looks

After the Excel show I've been painting my nails the minute my previous mani chips
These are the two recent colours

O.P.I My Private Jet
 After the bubblegum sweet pink and sparkly nails I had previous to this the darker colour was a welcome addition
It was hard to photograph in our crappily lit living room but I tried
I'd describe it as a mid-tone black/grey with silvery glitter shot through
I suck at describing colours, obviously
 The above picture shows the colour a lot better

O.P.I Ink Suede finish
 I just applied this polish when I got in from uni and I LOVE it!
The matte/suede finish is gorgeous
I like how it's so different from the normal glossy finish of most of my varnishes
Might have to invest in a matte topcoat
I was expecting a more navy bluey colour but irl it's more purple
Still love it, and it should complement tonight's outfit nicely

I think I've managed to shoot my final images today for my project
Now to scann all of the negatives and get to editing
I just want it all to be over, bring on May 16th!!


1 comment:

  1. Hey ^^
    Very nice nails :DD
    My favorite color is the first one ;D
    But the secound one is nice too ;)