Thursday, 24 March 2011

Brief Break

Hi guys
I'm debating taking a brief blogger break
I've been finding myself very unmotivated to do a lot of things at the moment
Not good with third year university deadlines round the corner
I need to concentrate on these
And also on personal matters family, friends and relationships
A rather tragic thing happened this week and it's made me think that life is too short to feel the way I have been feeling
Life can be taken away at any moment, it needs to be grabbed by the horns
I want to embrace life and enjoy every second of it
I need to dedicate time to healing myself and getting back on track
I will be back, maybe in two to three weeks time
Things are too much of a struggle right now and I am in no way coping
I'll still be reading everyone elses blogs
I just don't want to blog in the frame of mind I'm in all the time
You'll get fed up of the rubbish I spout!

Take Care lovely people

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