Monday, 14 March 2011

Things can only get better

It's been quite a while since I last posted
All I can say is sorry
I've had a crazy week
My best friend has had some time off from work so I've been seeing her loveliness a lot
I've also had to squeeze in work, uni work and other socialising
So blogging has taken a back seat
I'm still have a few issues with various things but just trying to keep in perspective that things will get better
It can stay crap forever after all
I've also been thinking about my Nanny a lot recently
This is a year I really wish she could see
My cousin and I turn 21, a big thing in our family
It's my graduation
And quite possibly a few other amazing things will happen but I won't jinx it
I miss her so much but endeavour to embody her out look on life
Just to smile, plain and simple
A smile can instantly change your mood
If I ever feel like crying, or feel angry I try to just smile and feel better  
I had a few realisations this week
Mainly uni based....
I've got an essay due in two works which I really should start
Another at the end of April
And my final major project for uni is due May 15th
Problem is I need the project finished at the latest end of April
And I've been working to the May deadline...whoops
Fingers crossed I can get it all done but I can already feel myself slipping into stress out mode
I can't deal with stress mode for the next 2 and a bit months
Another realisation would be that I am poor
Stinking dirty poor
Which sucks
And reading copious amount of beauty and fashion blogs doesn't help when one has no money to buy the items one covets froms said blogs...

Skirt: Dorothy Perkins
Top: Topshop
I'm so happy this skirt fits again
I was so upset when I tried it on a couple of weeks ago and it didn't fit properly
Love it :)
And I promptly changed my bra after I saw these pictures!
Cardi: Aerie
I swapped the cardi for my blazer and popped some heels on for the evening
Just a few drinks at the local pub
Vest: Jack Wills
Jacket: Primark
Jeans: Tesco
I think I was a bit premature with such a Spring time outfit!

I went to Lakeside the other day for the first time
And I'm in love with their Primark
It's amazing!
I held back but I know as soon as I have monies, and lost some more weight, I'll be all over that place like a rash


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  1. lovelyy outfit, love the floral skirt :)