Friday, 16 July 2010

Wish List...

Being at work in front of a computer is a bad idea...I've been browsing through Topshop's website and have found a few things which may or may not end up in my basket.

Feather Angel Sleeve Tunic

I really like this, would look sooo good with some skinny jeans. All though I live in dresses and skirts at the moment so this might not be a great idea to purchase...

Daisy Zip Print Bandeau

I rather like this too, and don't think it's too expensive for topshop either. I do however have so many florals in my wardrobe and another top might be pushing to justifiable...

Vintage Lace Tunic

This is amazing, so me! The £40 is a bit excessive so I might have to go in store and try this on before I think about buying

Tawny Owl Vest

I love birds, owls and swallows being my favourite. This vest is perfect and I'm sure my Mum would steal it too! The only problem is the neckline is quite high which doesn't tend to suit me but I could customise it I guess..

Floral Shirred Bandeau

My cousin wore this to a hen party recently and when Is aw the photos I loved it. Would be perfect for my holiday but when I look in my wardrobe I see so many strapless dresses...for £22 I think I can handle it :P

Knitted short cable jumper

I really like this, not very summery but still perfect for the Winter. I'd love this to snuggle in, might be a wait though as I don't see me buying this during the Summer...

And Topshop turned into other shops....

River Island Draped Skirt

Very Pretty, I could dress this up or dowmn so it's definitely worth the money (I know still trying to justify spending money)

I saw lots of other pretty things but didn't save them as I was supposed to be 'working' not shopping or reading everyone's blogs...I did however buy a few dresses on MaxC and a few bits from ebay (lots of bits actually, will post when they come through, I'm so excited for the parcels :) eee)

I do however have to curb my spending now as in two weeks time all my money will be going on a mortgage and bills...:( boring! Luckily I have £1500 saved up for my holiday so I'm sorted for that. Might post about what I want to get but to be honest most of it is stuff from Forever 21, A&F, M.A.C, Guess etc....but it might be worth seeing if anyone recommends anything.

Anywho better get off to get some much needed cuddles from the man :)


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  2. Ahhh...i'm addicted too to online shopping!

  3. It's a killer to the bank balance! I just can't help it though x