Friday, 9 July 2010


My first proper post! Oooh....
Thought I'd just do a list (I love love love lists!) of my likes and dislikes of the moment


The sunny weather, I love the fact I can get my favourite summer dresses out and prance about and just feel all round happy :)

Happy Belley on Brighton Beach

Having the time to take photographs, I've been so busy with work for weeks I haven't been able to get out and shoot. I felt really quite restrained...unfortunately I haven't had a chance to upload anything yet but I will at some point.

My Boyfriend :D Obviously he's going to be a big like. It's getting really close to the date we move into our flat. I still can't get my head around the fact I'll be 19 with mortgage, commitment to Gavin or what! I love him so much though

This is us last October for his 21st birthday

Having the chance to spend lots of time with my best mate, we've both had the same week off and have made the most of it. Lots of shopping in Brighton, Westfield and Oxford Street and a BBQ on the beach, madame tussaads...I love her :)

On our way for a day in London for my beauty's birthday


To be honest there's not much I dislike right now...

The fact that my holiday is still two months away, I want it now!!! A week in Florida (Shops and rollercoasters, what's not to love!) followed by a week's Caribbean cruise with two lovely ladies, my Mum and bestest :) Sooo excited!

Having to work in a cinema on some of the most loveliest days :( big bummer

Always being so tired from working and going to the gym everyday..but I need money and I need to get fit so heyho!

Well that's all for my list for now, I'm sure I will think of some more bits and pieces later on though. I'm thinking about doing some posts on OOTD's and about some of the goodies I plan to pick up in America.

x Belle x

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