Thursday, 22 July 2010

Recent happenings....

  • I am MAJOR excited for my birthday. I'm not entirely sure why to be honest...I'm going to be 20 on the 3rd August, only 25 days until my holiday after! WOOOP :)
  • Bad news is me moving out has been delayed to September time now, supposed to be next week :/
  • I have decided I want to buy a sausage dog and call it Slinky, I saw Toy Story 3 today with one of the love's of my life Miss Sophie. It was really quite good :) and made me smile lots.
  • I have also decided on my next tattoo (I already one on my wrist of a pink rose with 'Nanny' underneath in curly script) I'm going to get a blue and purple butterfly just above my ankle...just need to find a good picture and save up!
  • I'm still going to the gym like CRAZY right now, had a really good session with my personal trainer today and feel good :) (I did however have ice cream at the cinema after :( bad Belley!)
  • I got the perfect dress for my birthday drinks, it's pink with a jeweled bust line thingy from Next. So lovely and flattering :) Eeeee (I really need to organise the drinks...)
I got lots of ebay goodies through the post this week :)

Topshop top 99p

Topshop jumper £20

Topshop handbag £4
I won another top for 99p which is in the ironing pile, it's white, ruffly and has a black bow :)

Panda trinket box (SO CUTE!) £5

Two bird themed necklaces £3 and £4

O.P.I nail polish in Done out in Deco £5.89

I love this colour! I've been wearing this since Saturday and it's now Thursday, only chipped slightly. I'll try one of my new Barry M nail polishes.


    Pink Flamingo


    Cobalt Blue

      Tesco Shopping :D (and Asda another day)
      Heart storage thingys £1 each, using one for pens and the other for make-up brushes, I haven't figured out what to do with the other one yet...
      Diamante bow earrings £1
      Aussie 3 minute miracle travel size £1 I've been wanting to try this for a while so thought I'd give the travel size one a go...
      George nail varnish £1 each
      Make up wipes 76p, bargain!
      I bought two lipsticks from Rimmel this week too, one in a nude shimmer colour and the other a peachy pink :)

      I may have bought some more Max C goodies too...

      Black and pink bow dress/top £16.80

      Green lace shoulder detail dress/top £10

      Poodle print dress £12

      Once again I'm very happy with my goodies :) they were also extremely lovely and sent me a limited edition horse print scarf :)

      This is just a snapshot of my room/bed. It's really bare and doesn't look anywhere near as lovely as it used to. I've been packing :( but you get the gist of where I blog.

      And my loyal blogging companion
      Young Honey Price
      She is adorable and had better get along with Slinky when I get her :)
      Now I'm off to compile a birthday wish list (might post it) and get ready to be wined and dined by my lovely boyfriend.

      Belle x

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