Thursday, 15 July 2010

OOTD's and recent shopping splurges

Well it's been a busy few days. Been working lots, going to the gym loads (I've got until the 28th August to sort myself out...), and shopping of course...
Outfit for shopping...
Dress: New Look
Cardigan: Topshop
Leggings: New Look
Necklace: Asos

I'm always a happy bunny when I'm shopping so it was a good day for me :) apart from having to go to work till midnight after but oh well, more money towards my Speedy :)
My lovely Mum gave me some bits and pieces to take back for her and let me use the money to treat myself, which of course I did. I also took some money out of my holiday savings just to treat myself after a 50hour week.

First stop Lush

After my first dabble with Lush I now love it! I got the sweetie stack of soaps with 'Honey I washed the kids', 'Rockstar' and 'I should coco'. They all smell fantastic, I just need a soap tray next to the sink to stop Mum telling me off for leaving soapyness everywhere...
I really liked the massage bars I got before so I got 'Strawberry feels forever' and 'Mange Too' both smell really sweet and yummy. Because I bought two I got a free tin which is handy to take them to the gym in. I then got the 'Comforter' bubble bar, I don't really have baths I'm more of a shower person but thought I'd try it out so after a stressful day of work and going to the gym twice I had a lovely PINK bubble bath, it was soooo good :)
The last little thing is the 'Whoosh' temple balm, it's been a saviour for keeping my focussed this week, a difficult job!

I then went into New Look and a small little boutiquey shop near me. Oh and of course Primark but I only got a vest and underwear, no need for pictures!

I love this little jacket, it was reduced from £28 down to £18. It's so pretty and I was quite surprised to find it in New Look of all places. I can't wait to wear it and will post an outfit post when I do.
This sparkly vest top would look really nice with skinny jeans and heels, and it was only £6 :) reduced from £22. I was rather happy. I got home and found my Mum had bought this too...we have really similar taste apparently!
My Mum bought a green maxi dress from this little shop near where I live but the sizing was wrong and it looked terrible so I took it in to get a refund, they refused to give me a refund and I initially couldn't find anything I liked. Then I saw the rail full of maxidresses and found this beauty. I love maxidresses and I love peacocks so the print on this really attracted me. It is extremely slimming on which is a bonus for me and with my mum's exchange only cost me £5 woop :D

Last stop was The Body Shop
They had an offer on the shower gels, one for £6 or four for £ of course I had to get four, cherry, strawberry, lemon and satsumas. They all smell yummy so I didn't really mind. The travel sized goodies were buy four and get a free make-up bag (this was the last one left, I couldn't resist!) I got the foot spray stuff, this was a godsend on my duke of edinburgh expeditions and hopefully will be nice on my tootsies after traipsing around theme parks and shops all day on holiday, and some more shower stuff. All been put away for holiday of course. The blue poofer, as I call them, is for Gavin, he keeps mentioning he wants one so thought I'd treat him...

When I got home a whole heap of my ebay stuff and MaxC order had arrived. Oh this was such an amazing day for me :)
Lilac Dress: £10
Union Jack bag: £10.50
Cream Butterfly Belt: £6
Pink Flower Belt: Free
I will definitely be revisiting MaxC, really affordable and lovely items, also really quick delivery. Overall a very good site.
O.P.I Nail Varnishes in (L-R)
'Got a Date to Knight'
'Purple with a purpose'
'Suzi loves Sydney'
'Italian love affair'
I love O/P.I nail varnishes ever since my Auntie gave me a gold sparkly one when I was about 11. I've got anohter one on the way. These were only £5.89 each which I thought was good for O.P.I nail varnishes.
Silver Key necklace £2.99
Gold Camera necklace £5.99
Blue earrings £1
Panda brooch £1.99
These all pretty much sum me up, the key necklace is supposed to represent Bella's cottage keys from the Twilight books but I love key jewellery anyway. The camera necklace has a pretty pink flower on it too, two of my favourite things, photography and flowers. I love the nautical trend, almost as much as florals, hence the earrings. And Pandas are my favourite animal, they fascinate me, I'm planing a month long trip to work with them at the end of my degree, can't wait!!

I'm still waiting for a few other bits but these made my day on Monday. But seeing as it's Thursday other things are making me smile. Tuesday I went to the gym and then met up with the bestest who I took to see Eclipse, having free cinema tickets is quite handy. Plus Kat said it looks like I've lost weight so it's good to know all my hard work at the gym is paying off :D
Dress: MaxC
Vest: H&M
Cardigan: Topshop
Leggings: New Look
Belt: MaxC
Necklace: Ebay

Wednesday was pretty standard, Work 12-6, gym after and chilling with my Mum in the evening so no outfit post for then...

Today however I've been to the gym, cleaned the house and sorted my room. I am so daunted by the prospect of having to pack everything. I am such a hoarder, it's going to take forever and I can't get motivated to do it... Should hopefully be seeing Kat today, not sure what we're doing so thought I'd make an effort with my outfit.

Dress: Primark
Cardigan: Topshop
Belt: MaxC
Necklace: Topshop
Leggings: New Look

And here's ae picture of me and my little puppy Honey, she's been keeping me company whilst I write this hugely long blog....


  1. I really love both the bird pearl necklace that you are wearing and the camera necklace you bought. Also loving your blog background. :)

  2. Nice dress!