Friday, 9 July 2010

Recent Shopping Trip

I love this jumper, it's from the Topshop sale and I think I only paid £15 for it and Student discount too so it was £13.50 :) It's a lovely 'Blush' nudey colour with studs and pearls attached all over it. Obviously it's far too hot to wear right now but I can't wait to get this on, will look great with some skinnys

This cardi's from the New Look sale, £22 down to £8. I was looking at this full priced a while back but thought I'd leave it and lo and behold it was in the sale. Looks lovely with a plain vest underneath and the lace like accents make it a bit more than just a striped cardi (something I have many of!)

Another Topshop sale find, and again something I was going to get full priced but my Mum didn't think I'd wear it. £10 in the sale, love ittt. And I wore it straight away to the cinema Thursday so it's all good :) I love the cute gold buttons and how good I feel as soon as I put it on, will have to do an outfit post with this at some point.

I have a Topshop addiction, 2 years ago I would never have thought most of my wardrobe would consist of Topshop clothes but now being 2stone lighter everythings changed :) This dress is sooo cute! £32 down to £15, it has a cute cut-out back similar to a lot of topshop stuff at the moment but it's lovely :)

I bought this little lovely in New Look, not in the sale but I couldn't resist it. I can just imagine walking along the cruise ship with a tan, wavy golden hair and feeling good, can't wait! It was £26 with student discount £23.40

I also got some plain vest tops and more stripy tops but their not really worth posting to be honest...

Now onto the other lovelies

I'll go clockwise from the headband :)

I bought this headband in New Look for £1 Bargain! Never tried one of the elasticated hairbands as I have a fairly big head (for my big brain :P) and I've never really found one that looks right, but for £1 I thought I couldn't go wrong. The colours are lovely and this will be great for keeping my hair out of my face in a girly way on holiday, yay. The blue hairclips underneath are perfect for pinning some small plaits back to give interest to my hair, I have quite fine hair and sometimes when it's just been washed it just slips out of normal kirby clips....not good!

My first purchase from Lush, 'Candy Fluff'. I read a recommendation for this on a blog and it sounded so nice and perfect for me. I love talcum powder, gives oomph to my hair. This smells so sweet and ... 'pretty' I guess you would say. It's quite sickly but I like really sweet scents, maybe not to everyone's taste, it's different from my normal everyday perfumes (Chance by Chanel, Ange au Demon by Givency) so I try not to wear it at the same time.

Each Peach (and twos a pear) a Lush massage bar. This smells lovely! The sales assistant recommended it for the zingy smell, especially when I'm studying so I can just rub it on my arms and be instantly revitalised. It's so moisturising and yummy. I am now a Lush convert, the lady who helped me was brilliant and I can't wait to go back, my list of stuff to buy is huge!

This coconut shower gel by Treacle Moon smells gorgeous! It really reminded me of pina coladas and lying on a beach, perfect.

Make-up haul...Carmex, obligatory lip balm, everyone knows how lovely this is no explanation needed. One Hot Minute dusting powder by Benefit, I bought this for my beautiful best mate for her birthday and couldn't resist buying myself some. It smells lovely and I love wearing it, it only gives a slight rosey tint to my skin but I love it. Clinique high impact curling mascara, this is brilliant on my eyeashes. I don't like putting loads of mascara on because my eyes quite sensitive and taking it back off can be such a pain! This is brilliant it lasted really well and was so easy to take off at the end of the day.

And last but not least the Lush Glitterbug. I really like this, smells good and has a really nice glittery shimmer in it. Gavin hates glitter and was really hesitant to cuddle me for fear of getting glittery but it didn't come off on him. Guess I'll just have to be careful wearing it around him!

Well that's all form my 'haul' need a new word there...I know it's really long but I can talk for Britain once you get to know me in person :)

x Belle x

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