Sunday, 9 September 2012

Lust List


1. Urban Ears Headphones in 'Grape' £50
2. Lush Sea Salt Hair Spray £9.95/100ml
3. Topshop Khaki Embellished Playsuit £45
4. MAC Eyebrow Pencil in 'Fling' £12.50
5. Love Dusky mesh pleated skirt dress £45
6. (missing the number) Schuh Bob Studded Ankle Boots £80

All of the above items are things I've been lusting after recently...and trying to justify buying.
As I'm off to New York in May next year I keep buying the odd thing and thinking to myself 'Oh that would be brilliant in New York', this doesn't work so well on the boyfriend though!
A few such purchases have been a lovely burgundy pair of Vans trainers, of course these were necessary for all the walking, to be done in style of course. I also asked for a Cath Kidston Saddle bag for my Birthday which my Dad kindly bought me, again I figured it was perfect for New York.
Out of this list of course I can only justify half of the items....those headphones have been calling to me since I saw them on Zara from Mouldyfruits blog (apologies I don't know how to link!) I love the grapey purple colour and think these would be great for in the gym too. 
The playsuit and dress are gorgeous! The dress is just so girly and very me, I have fallen in love...after four days in New York we're going on a cruise so this little beauty would be great for the smarter evenings and the cute little playsuit would be perfect for the more casual evenings.
As for the rest of my list...the sea spray is something I've been interested in since seeing the Bumble and Bumble version but I'm pretty sure this is cheaper. Once my hair grows out a bit I'd love to be able to get the beach waves look.
I'm still on a mission to try all sorts of different eyebrow products, so far still loving Benefit Browzings, so being an avid lover of MAC I really want to try this out too. 
And the boots...well they are AMAZING! I need them in my life...

Anything you guys are lusting after?

Take Care

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