Monday, 17 September 2012

Real Techniques Core Collection Kit

Real Techniques Make-up Brushes
£19.79 from Amazon

I've wanted to get some decent make up brushes for so long
I've got two MAC brushes which I love but their far too pricey to have a whole kit
The Boots No7 brushes are also pretty good especially when you have the £5 off vouchers
I'd seen Real Techniques brushes spoken about all over the blogosphere for so long so I took a little look on the website and settled on the Core Collection kit to try a selection of different brushes. I purchased from Amazon and they came within a few days. So far I love the brushes, they are so soft and make my base look flawless, I love them! Already eying up a few other brushes, specifically some of the eye brushes. 

In the kit there is:

A Detailer brush precision cut to use with concealer or as a lip brush

A Pointed Foundation brush

A Buffing brush (my favourite) 

A Contour brush

And a case which can be folded down to create a stand

Anyone have any recommendations for the Real Techniques brushes or make-up brushes in general?



  1. expert face brush or stippling brush!!! i also love this set :)

    this brand is so inexpensive so you can buy several brushes. i loveeee them

    1. On payday I'll definitely look into them ty :) x