Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Shoes..a girl's best friend

shoe haul

I don't buy shoes very often but when I do I seem to end up buiying multiple pairs
Alongside these four above I've bought a black pair of pumps, some black supergra trainers, dark brown buckle brogue things and some cream pumps
I've been bad! But My shoe wardrobe needed an update!

The tan and gold glitter ankle boots were an absolute bargain in the New Look sale, reduced to just £10 and they only had my size so it was a sign they must be mine!
Truly tacky but I love things like that...always the best in my opinon!
When Liberty did the collaboration with Nike (last year I think)n I was a broke student and there was no way I could justify spending £70+ on a pair of trainers...however their current collab with Vans is much more up my street!
I've been a lover of Vans for over 10 years and have owned many pairs in that period
My tastes have evolved and these Liberty print beauties were perfect for me, at £50 they were by no means cheap but I've been wearing at least three times a week so they were definitely worth it!
When it comes to winter I live in brogues and wear them until they practically fall apart
This being the case I don't have any smart pairs in my wardrobe so when I saw these interesting cut out pretties in my local Primark for just £12 I had to get them!
They are so comfy and different to anything else I own I love them, contemplating picking them up in black too.
Nike blazers have been everywhere for so long now
When I saw these in the Sarenza sale they looked more of a pastel mint green and reduced to £40ish I thought I'd give them go
The colour, as you can see, is definitely not the pastel mint I thought they would be but nice nonetheless
I will say one thing though these are a bitch to put on!
I only wear them when I know I won't be taking my shoes off for a good while or not having to take them off and put them on again multiple times

Have you bought any pretty shoes recently?


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