Thursday, 16 February 2012

I touch the place where I'd find your face

Another outfit post taken on my phone...I will get a proper camera set up soon promise
As my full time job has me wearing navy combat trousers and a blue shapeless shirt with black steel toe capped safety boots five days a week in the evenings and on my days off I like to feel remotely feminine and of course enjoy a bit of pampering and retail therapy on my days off.
Today was no different, I enjoyed a little lie in and a looooong hot shower before going window shopping. I behaved and only made a wee little purchase which was a bargain and therefore rude not to.

Teal blouse~New Look 
Black vest~New Look
Burgundy jeans~New Look
Brown mocassins~ New Look
Didn't realise how much New Look I was wearing...topped it off with a coat from there too! 
Note to self...start shopping else where a bit more 

Michael Kors watch
Diamond ring

Beautiful new shoes from Dorothy Perkins
£43 down to £12 thank you!
Checked the website and their on there for £35 so even more of a bargain for me!

Loving: Gossip Girl being back, Marks and Spencers chocolate, chilled out evenings at home, bargainous shoes, a clean flat, pre-holiday shopping, blogging again

Not so loving: Early mornings at work, being freezing cold at work, lack of money...