Sunday, 12 February 2012

Dance the night away...

I haven't posted an outfit in so long!
I have to say it's a pretty poor excuse of an outfit post considering its taken on my iPhone and in the mirror...bad blogger!
This lovely dress has been in my wardrobe for about three years and I've never worn it...crazy I know. 
Guess I never thought it suited me at the time and just forgot about it. 
A little gem I found in an Urban Outfitters sale reduced from £48 to £5, needless to say very happy

 Dress~Urban Outiffters
Shoes~New Look
Bandeau~New Look 
 Blazer~New Look
Watch~Michael Kors 
The back of this dress is the real statement but unfortunately I completely forgot to photograph it. Next time I wear it I'll make sure to get a pic.
Meet Sir Barnabus the third a.k.a Barney
My mum's new little pooch who I adore
I got plenty of cuddles with him this morning whilst feeling a little worse for wear



  1. wow, what a great bargain! looks fab on you, you should wear it more!