Friday, 2 March 2012

'Now your just somebody that I used to know...'

So it's been a tough week for me and a bit of retail of therapy was necessary...
Not having a proper camera other than my iphone has meant I haven't taken photos of the
I'm off to Kenya in two weeks and plan to wear a lot of the newbies there so should have pictures when I come back.
For now I've got a few outfit photos to post :) 

 Outfit for an amazing shopping trip with the mothership 

Boots~New Look

It was my Auntie's hen night last weekend and we stayed in a 5 star hotel in Ascot with a spa day the day after
Had a lovely night and such a relaxing day in the spa the next day too
 Pink Dress~Tesco (NEW)
Black Heels~Dorothy Perkins (NEW)
Aztec Earrings~New Look
 After the hen party we drove to Sidcup to spend the night at my Mum's friends house for a 50th birthday and anniversary party.
Was more of an initiation for me as they are the ten people I'll be spending two weeks with in Kenya...
 Dog Print Blazer~Primark (NEW)
Cream Long Sleeve Top~Topshop
Skinny Jeans~Torrid

 And finally I had a lovely day off to myself on Thursday...just what I needed
Rejoined the gym and I am feeling fantastic for it!
Shame I joined only two weeks before my holiday though not much time to make a difference
 Red Polka Dot Dress~Primark (NEW)

Now to paint my nails and pack a bit more for Kenya...can you tell I'm excited!



  1. I love all the dresses you have! Going to hunt down the tesco and primark ones for sure x

  2. I hope things are starting to look for you! We all have those bad weeks. But always keep you head up high. :D
    Loving your lace dress. It's pretty.


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  3. You have loads of new clothes!!I love the polka dot dress.
    Kenya sounds awesome, hope you have a great time xxx

  4. Like the first dress so much. Really beautiful.
    Pretty girl :)

    Lovely greetz from germany.

    Ina :*