Thursday, 19 August 2010

I've been a naughty girl....

My boyfriend decided to implement a ban on shopping for a month last night.
A week and a half before I go on holiday (luckily I bought all my new bits and pieces last week!) and then two and a half weeks after I get back....the meany!
I'm only allowed to buy food now, no clothes, no make up and no stationary HMPH!!
I thought I'd have one last day of freedom and will from now on be strict with myself...
In all honesty I was bored and browsing through blogs and getting inspired :)

I read a post about this and thought it looked amazing :)
I'm a sucker for eyeshadows at the moment and am loving Urban Decay
This is the NYC book of shadows III
It's only available online until 6th September
I'm so excited for this little lovely to come through the post :) eeep!
The pop-up even lights up :O!!

I finally ordered some stuff from E.L.F
I've been meaning too for a while
Therapeutic conditioning lip balm - Strawberry creme

Liquid Eyeliner - Coffee (I'm quite excited about this!)

All over cover stick - Apricot Beige

All over colour stick - Golden Peach

Natural radiance blusher - Coy

Smudge Eye Sponge

And of course I had a browse of the old topshop website....
I need to wear more rings, I just stick to earrings and necklaces, paying little attention to my hands
This is perfect...I love anything with birds on!
I live in little pumps like these so I couldn't resist!

Not sure why but this caught my attention, guess I saw myself all wrapped up on my way to uni in was in the sale so no harm done!!

Girly dress :) Self explanatory...
£45.00 down to £10.00 how could I say no?!

Love love love topshop socks
3 pairs for £ you trot to my basket!

Obligatory panda pair of course!

These made me nostalgic :)
I think I have a bit of a shopping problem...I popped into the small town where I live yesterday to pay some money into our account and got completely side-tracked by Boots...oops!
I came out with a new lipstick and nail varnish from 17, I admit I was drawn in by the 'Spend £6 get a summer bronzer kit' but the varnish is nice and as soon as I find my blackberry cable I'll upload the pictures. (I've got about 3 different varnishes to review!)
There's also a 2 for £6 on the Aussie harecare stuff which I haven't tried before so thought I'd give them a go. I got the heat defence spray and 3minute miracle conditioner, which I've already used and has worked wonders on my hair.
Haircut next week in preparation for holiday!
I'm still buzzing with excitement!
Booked all of our shows on the cruise today eeee :)
Byeee xx

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