Wednesday, 4 August 2010

My Birthday

For my birthday I spent the day doing things I love....going to the gym, shopping, seeing my KittyKat and my boyfriend, and spending time with my family at our favourite restaurant. I had an amazing birthday, but feel old now!

Skirt: New Look
Top: Primark (which I proceeded to spill baked beans down...)
Cardigan: Topshop
Necklace: Accessorize
Handbag: Luella, this is my baby and I love it!
Excuse the boobs lol!!

Of course being my birthday I was a very happy Belley :D

I did some pre-birthday shopping the other day and this is the result....

Handbag £16 Accessorize

Nude pumps £8 New Look

Earrings £3.60 Accessorize

Necklace £3.60 Accessorize

Ted Baker purse. This is gorgeous! I love it :)

The inside of the purse :)

And these are all the goodies I bought on my birthday. I bought a lovely purple maxi dress too but forgot to take a photo, I plan to wear it tomorrow so will do an outfit post with it.

Shirt £22 New Look

I know this is rather childish :P but I love pandas and needed an earring holder :) I love it

Two models own nail varnishes 2 for £8 in Very Cherry Pie and a teal colour
Popped into Bodyshop and used my card thingy as it's my bday I got £5 off anything in store and 10% off the difference so this Body and leg shine stick was only £5ish, Kat got one too so I got a free £8 moisture rich lipstick as we bought two make up items. Awesome!

This is the first year I'm going on holiday and intend to wear a bikini, I hate my body but am determined I'll get more confidence.
Went into Debenhams first and I got rather depressed with the bikinis and how they looked on me :( so when we popped into Boots and I saw they and half price on bikinis I snapped these two up for £8 each. When I got them home and tried them on I felt really good in them and can't wait to wear them on holiday :) happy happy happy!!!

Mum taking sneaky pictures whilst I was opening presents (to come in a later post)

Alice in Wonderland palette. I know this has been out for ages but I really wanted one before but wasn't into make up then so I persuaded Mum to buy me one for my bday :D Yay

8:00 in the morning does not agree with me!

I have a habit of putting things on my head...Kat got me lots of lovely things and knowing that I love baking I got this uber cute pink bowl :)

Isn't she sexy :P

Fooling around before going out for dinner

I am one sexxxxy beast

'Here come the girls' can't wait for our holiday! Only 24 days!

Me and my boyfriend at the Smith and Western. Loving my pink hat :P
Opening the present Gavin got me....a Roberts DAB radio!!! Ahhh it's just amazing! And he got it in the Duck egg blue I loved in the shop which he told me I wasn't allowed to get lol! I'll put a better photo of the actual radio up at some point. I seriously cannot wait to get in my little kitchen in the flat with this playing in the background, my cute little apron and all my baking goodies : ) Very exciting!

So that was my birthday....I've still got a few more presents to come so I'll post them another day. Going out for my birthday on Saturday so I'm trying to decide what to wear. At the moment I've got a bright pink dress from Next but I think it might be too much...I'm confused!!

Anywho I'm shattered and having a training session at 10am tomorrow so byeee x


  1. Happy Birthday! :D

    You got a lot of awesome stuff!

    I like the bikinis! go girl!

    have fun!

  2. oooooh happy birthday! It looks like you had a lovely day! You will love your radio, I got the Cath Kidston one earlier this year and I have it on constantly! x

  3. It's so awesome! I need to get a cable so I can play my ipod through it too :)
    Love it. Thank you for the comments

  4. You look adorable. Looks like the perfect day. Happy Birthday!


  5. I love the pink purse! so pretty!