Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Halloween Day of the Dead Skull Makeup




It's taken me a while to get this post up but I still thought it would be worth posting
Last weekend a friends of mine had a halloween party and I knew straight away what I wanted to go as
Considering there have been so many sugar skull/day of the dead make up tutorials floating around youtube and various blogs I thought I would give it a go
Until I actually sat down with the white face paint and black eyeliner I didn't really think how big a job it would be
The final look ended up taking me around an hour to complete
This is mainly due to the white not completely opaquing my skin to the level I wanted, in the end I just went with it
I used Snazaroo white face paint which seems to work better when wet, something I found out after struggling for a while!
For the black I just used Maybelline black gel eyeliner and set it with a matte black eyeshadow and the red dots were Revlon's Cherries in the Snow lipstick
I had so much fun doing this and got loads of compliments
Considering it's the first time I've ever tried something like this on myself I think it would Ok
I'll definitely consider doing some other kind of fancy dress make up next year
Maybe a witch...who knows

Did you dress up for Halloween?
Link me any posts on your costumes!


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