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Dove Spa Effective Blemish Fighter

Dove Blemish Stuff

Effective Blemish Fighter
Dove Spas

For my 21st Birthday, many many moons ago, I got a spa experience gift card from some friends. I've only just gotten round to doing it, it's been a pretty crap year for me in all honesty. 
It was such a lovely gift, I had a facial and had my skin mapped so I finally know what kind of skin I have..actually pretty normal despite all the breakouts
The girl who did my facial also suffered from breakouts like myself and she showed me a few of her favourite products
I came out with a Bare Minerals starter set which was £42 (£7 cheaper than in Boots or Debenhams) and the above product...another target blemish fighter
I'm becoming quite acquainted to these

According to the website this blemish fighter has soothing lime-tree and calendula extracts along with willow bark which is a natural source of salicyclic acid.
It is supposed to eliminate excess oil and prevent blemishes
I apply this every night after I've cleansed and toned, I let it soak in and then apply my moisturiser
I have to say it definitely soothes existing blemishes but I'm still getting the pesky things
They are driving me insane!
Some of the targeted spot treatments I've tried can sting a bit on the broken skin areas whereas this product is comfortable on my skin

Do you have any recommendations for blemish prone skin? 
(It never used to be this bad...)

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