Sunday, 15 January 2012

LUSH Review: Lemslip Soap

I love Lush and all the goodies they stock. Unfortunately they discontinue products to make way for new ones on a regular basis which sucks when it's a product you use religiously and actually works...Lemslip is such a product for me.

Like a lot of people I suffer from the occasional blemish on my body rather than face and using a block of soap is a much more cost effective way to combat this rather than using facial wash on the body. Since I've been using Lemslip I've noticed a massive difference and only get the occasional blemish if any. Hence being gutted they've discontinued it. I use it on a daily basis as a general body soap, the lemon smell is gorgeous especially first thing in the morning when your struggling to wake up. 

What Lush says about Lemslip:'Lemslip soap is the biggest bargain of all our Butter Cream Shower Soaps, but this is only one of the reasons why it's a best seller. The other is that sea salt and its antimicrobial lemon, lime and sweet wild orange scent help to clear up spots all over a body that gets a bit oily now and again. Who doesn't want a nice clear back, front, arms and legs? No-one. So who wants to slip a slice of Lemslip all over their bodies?' 

And according to the website I'm not the only one who will miss it, a lot of people disagree with the removal of Lemslip from the regular Lush line up. Here's hoping they make it into a retro product! Just glad I've got a large chunk of it left but once that's finished the hunt begins for a replacement. A staff member did recommend a few things, these being...

  • Bohemian soap- the pure lemon oil in it is supposed to be good for clearing up skin along with the added glycerin 
  • Sexy Peel soap- I think that may be more to do with the scent and orange peel in it
  • Mask of Magnaminity- A rather pricey alternative compared to a soap but according to the website could be something to try out
Anyone else tried Lemslip or know of any alternatives to give a go?


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  1. I recently bought two chunks of this from a girl who bought a whole block of it! It smells delicious. I'm hoping I don't like it too much though because it's being discontinued :/ x