Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Newest addition and whats in my bag...

For my 21st birthday I asked for money to go towards my dream handbag, the Mulberry Alexa. I just had to decide on a colour, I initially really liked the coral pink but waited for the AW11 collection and I'm glad I did as the little beauty came in Conker a rich burgundy toned brown, I love it! It goes with all my outfits. So this post is dedicated to my new love and I've added on a little 'whats in my bag' bit on the end. 

 I bought my little fluffy ball in China and I think  it gives it something a little more, plus it feels nice and reminds me of the movie Despicable Me (ITS SO FLUFFFFY) 

 Plaited detailing on the handle
 Imprinted golden hardware
 All the attention to detail shows just how much thought and work goes into each bag, to me their worth every penny
 What I keep in the beaut

 Louis Vuitton purse, Lush Ultrabalm, Hello Kitty notebook, Kindle, Hairbrush, Glasses cloth and my new toy the iPhone 4s
 Pink sparkly case, damaged on a recent night out :/ oops
 Current Dirty Dancing themed background
 List of blog posts to come

 Purse full of receipts and cards...no money of course
Contents of my little panda bag:
Carex hand sanitizer
Nivea mini deodrant
MAC lipstick in Creme Cup
Snow Fairy lip tint
Carmex lip balm
Kiehls Mango lip balm
YSL Rouge Volupte shade No. 1
MAC Concealer
Clarins hand cream
Chewing gum
Little mirror
Energy tablets

Well that's my new little baby and when I'm a wee bit intoxicated I do take to cradling it like a baby in a very over protective way...strange


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  1. nice bag. take a good care of it. it could be investment on your old day.
    you could give it to your grandchildren.. or sell it for money. haha