Friday, 27 April 2012

Make up storage

I have become obsessed with all things interior based. I'm constantly on websites eying up millions of pounds worth of goodies which I can only dream of buying. I want to try and get into the car booting/charity shopping so many fellow bloggers seem to be so inept at. Any tips just leave them in the comment section lol! 
My ideas for my bedroom mainly revolve around white, sleek furniture, lots of roses, some subtle little lights wrapped around a mirror...everything girly. Not quite the shabby chic look as the boy isn't too keen on it but halfway there. 
We're in the process of redecorating the living room so photos of that will be up in due course, I'm rather excited to be honest...
Anyway this post is about my make up storage system, adapted from before since stealing a set of drawers from my Mother (once the Ikea Helmer is mine she can have it back of course)

So these are the drawers, from Hobbycraft I think
The bright colours are nice but I'd rather have just the white translucent set
Or even the white Helmer (*cough* hint *cough*)
On the top I keep various jewellery and bits 
One of my favourite drawers
Full of my lip balms (I'm hooked I admit) and various sample sizes of other bits and bobs
It's great having a cousin in the beauty industry she always lets me try out new products
Must start a regular reviewing regime
This drawer is home to all my pallets 
Left hand side are the two urban decay nakeds, two MUA pro pallets and three sleek 
The top velvet pouch is my Chanel travel compact, then a No7 compact mum bought me for christmas
My MAC pallet is hidden underneath these
At the bottom are my two larger urban decay pallets, Alice in Wonderland and NYC2 
A few lose face products too, the new Benefit foundation which I must review as I love it! And No7 BB cream which is my usual choice for work 
The body drawer...
I keep the majority of body moisturisers in the bathroom
I have a habit of collecting these without realising I must work my way through them before buying more! 
Three of my favourites are in here, Lush Dream Cream, The body shop Lychee body butter this smells divine! I love lychees and this makes me want to lick myself. And the Korres jasmine body lotion I won at my Aunt's hen night, only Korres product I own and I'm impressed, may have to purchase some more.
I never really bother with my hair, just some detangler and heat protection before straightening and I'm out the door.
I'm trying to make a conscientious effort to take care of my unruly mane so this is the starts of my 'hair' drawer
Current face product drawer
Just a few bits and pieces I'm using on my mug at the moment
Kiehls moisturiser, clinique moisturiser, Neals yard moisturiser, clarins toners and other bits
Top of the drawers.... 
These little drawers still house the majority of my make up
Top two drawers blushers to the left and other face products to the right
I looooove the blusher drawer
Lipsticks and lipglosses to the left and more face products to the right
Loose eyeshadows to the left and odds and sods to the left
I have to share a little bit of space with the boy so he gets half a shelf for his aftershave and deodrant :) That's it though!
Two shelves for perfume and a coffee pot for mascaras

These items are all things in my dream bedroom...I'm now saving my pennies for these beauts. Anyone with a spare two grand feel free to chuck it my way!!! 

 I have huge plans for this baby. Gavin has hinted at a birthday present
One happy Belle if he comes through on that one!

Hope everyone's all hunky dory :) 
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