Sunday, 8 July 2012

Benefit Browzings

Benefit Browzings Eyebrow Shaping Kit

As I've mentioned in a previous post I've been frequenting the Benefit counter in my local Boots quite regularly recently. The first time coming away with the new foundation, but when I was there the makeup artist used the Browzings kit on me and I loved it! Kept admiring my eyebrows in the mirror.

The next time I popped in I bought myself a kit in the lightest shade as I'm blonde and my eyebrows are quite light. The kit comes in three shades which isn't a huge variety but I don't really know of any brow products which have a massive selection of colours.

Since purchasing I have been using it everyday. For someone who never did anything with their eyebrows it's a bit different. I used to think having blonde brows meant I didn't have to do too much to them but since I bought my first eyebrow pencil from eylure I've noticed the difference filling in your brows can make. It gives such a better finish to my make up and frames my face. Simply I put I love having filled in brows.

When I first started using the kit I was using the little brushes which come with it as I didn't own anything which would really do the job any better. I must admit though the fact these brushes are rather little made this a little tricky to get used to. So the next time I was in Boots I had a chat with my new found friend, the makeup artist, and using my accumulated advantage card points I bought the Eyebrow shading brush which is amazing! She also went back over how to fill in the brows properly. I now feel much more confident when I do it in my half awake state in the morning.

Personally I cannot recommend this kit enough, I haven't tried others like Urban Decay brow kit or the HD kit but I feel after using this and getting on so well with it I may just stick with it. After all it looks like it might last me forever, barely have to use any product to achieve results.

For the £22.50 price ticket you get a pigmented wax for shaping, a natural shaded powder for setting, small tweezers, two small brushes for blending and a little makeup lesson teaching you how to use it. 

What do you guys use on your eyebrows?

And a little photo of Barney to finish  



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